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Some of frequently Asked Questions:

We have attempted to answer all of the frequently asked questions with our FAQ Page. However, we understand that there may be more questions which can be specific to individual needs or thoughts. We welcome you to contact our sales or support or billing team members for any further questions. We will be glad to assist you and also eagerly waiting to talk you.

Buying Leads (6)

How do I buy Leads?
Leads can be acquired in two ways - 1) By buying coins 2) By earning coins selling your leads in our portal. Please login to your account or Signup to open a free account.
To How many people you share a single lead and what is the time frame?
Leads are shared to a maximum of 10 customers. Most of the cases, we limits it to 5-7 clients. Delivery time frame (after lead validation) depends on the slot you are in for a particular keyword. Please talk to our sales team to know the exact details of the keyword.
What are Channels and How to create one?
Channels are automated rules for receiving the leads with combination of keywords, City, Location and Mobile Number. You can create up to 50 channels in your account, the limit can extended based on the requirement.
How many leads you can provide in a day?
As leads are market driven, we don’t commit or guarantee any numbers, But Please understand that the quantity - i.e number of leads per day is based on the keywords and supply of leads. On Average we supply 5-7 quality leads per day to most of the customers. The numbers may vary from customer to customer based on the keyword and location choice has been made. We keep on adding only lead suppliers who provide high quality to our market place rather focused on quantity.
Why there is No google ranking of your website?
We don't generate Leads on our own. Binly is an exchange market place for quality and prospective Leads. Hence we are not committed to any particular sources for our leads.
Do you replace Invalid leads?
We have put a strong validation process to ensure that quality of the leads are maintained. If leads are rated below 2 stars by 70% the customers, it will be replaced and deducted coins will be refunded. As a buyer, you have option to rate the quality of the lead.

Common Questions (5)

What is binly?
Binly is an market place for exchanging of unwanted or irrelevant leads with relevant and easily convertible leads.
Who can use binly? Individuals or Only Business?
Anyone who wish to earn additional income can sell any kind of leads in Binly. Also Business who wants to reduce the marketing cost by trading off unwanted leads can us Binly as an exchanging platform. We welcome all individuals and business to use this platform.
How do you generate leads?
Binly doesn't generate the leads on it's own. Our Inventory of Leads are posted by our sellers and business partners who wish trade off or encash.
What is the difference between Binly and other Leads Providers?
Binly is just a market place, We are not competitors to any business nor anyone to us, Binly would like to serve you as an "additional source of leads provider", due to the fact that the leads provided Binly is not the same as others.
What do you do with our UNWANTED Leads?
The unwanted leads may be hot prospect for some other business, our team validates the requirement again and route it to the appropriate buyers which you earn coins.

Selling Leads (6)

How do I Sell my Leads in Binly?
Selling your Leads is much easier, just Sign up for a free account and start adding leads which will be validated by our team then put in to our inventory for sale to our buyers.
Can i Join only as a Seller without Leads Exchange?
Binly encourages individuals to be part of our seller network. You earning will be multiplied based the number of distribution of the Lead provided by you. The earned coins can be converted into cash which can transferred back to your Bank account or Paytm Account. We are very serious about the privacy of our buyers and sellers. Information of the both buyers and sellers will not be revealed as per our privacy policy.
What are Coins and How do you pay my share?
Coins are earned when your leads are purchased by the buyers, you will be able to view the number of people purchased your leads. For each sale, you earn coins which can be transferred back to your bank account or Paytm account of your choice after the completion of sale cycle. This sale process cycle completes within 7 days from date of lead approval for sale.
How many leads i can sell?
We encourage quality leads, you will be able to sell upto 50 leads per day, the count can be increased or decreased based on the buyer requirements. Please contact our support team to discuss further.
How do you validate the leads?
Our Data quality team will validate each leads by tele verification. Only valid and genuine Leads will be accepted for sale. The leads which do not meet our quality will be rejected.
Can we sell leads which are purchased from other leads providers?
Strictly No. We do not accept the leads purchased from other leads providers in any way. We accept leads directly received to you from your own sources like direct calls, website, email and marketing campaigns.

Pricing, Payments & Withdrawals (5)

What is coins? How is that calculated?
Coins are used only with Binly to buy and sell leads, it's valid within the Binly system not anywhere else. All the Buying and selling transactions happens based on coins.
Can i withdraw all my coins?
All the Earned coins which are earned by selling leads those completed 7 days sales cycle can be withdrawn to Bank account or Paytm Account. This transfer process will be completed in 48 business hours. The Purchased coins will not be refunded and can't be withdrawn but can be transfered to some other account.
Do you have any validity for Coins?
Yes, All the purchased coins are associated with purchased plans which are starting from 90 days up to 12 months. All the earned coins have the default validity of 12 months from the earning.
What are the Payment options to buy coins?
You can make the payment through Netbanking (ICICI Bank, Current Account - No.155405001449,ISFC :ICIC0001554) Paytm (+91 91764 55399) .
How to contact your billing department?
You can contact through our support number to reach the billing team also you can email at billing@binly.com, You can go through all your payments, coins transaction in "MY ACCOUNT" - Payments & Coins Management section to get the detailed report.