We are a company that was established in with a simple, deeply committed vision to unleash the power of Engineering. Engineering is a great power. It fuels the worlds economy, makes our life wonderfully safe and comfortable and fills the world with wondrous products and services and unleashes the power of humans mind! Very early we understood the future and wanted to seize the opportunity and provide leadership and make an impact in the field of computer technology used in Engineering. In the following we have made clear what specifically drives us. We have explained why there is a need for in-depth training of these computer technologies, how we have put in place the most efficient training program, our success story to date and finally why the road ahead is almost endless and the fact that we have miles to go

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No 411,Bharathiyar Road,New Siddhapudur, Gandhipuram, Next to Sudha Hospital
Barathiar Road (Coimbatore) - 641044
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