HELLO Institute masters students in spoken English, IELTS, French, German, Spanish, personality development, group discussion and interview skills. We train students with the help of simple grammar tricks, vocab games, role plays, activities, interactions and discussions. We employ effortless and scintillating methods to make students improve faster.

English language is categorized in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Basic level students learn English faster with the help of easy and interesting activities. Students are taught the pragmatic uses of modal verbs, tenses, vocabulary, phrases, etc. The first thing we eradicate is - HESITATION. Fastest learning is guaranteed with us.

Students, who are less proficient at fluency part, are trained with the help of interactions and discussions. From the day one, students make their understanding better in placing adequate words and phrases. Besides, glaring mistakes are corrected instantly so as not to repeat them again.

The language of advanced students is polished in using collocations, voice and accent training, presentations, effective GD/Debate rounds, hosting shows, etc. Students, after completion of the course, never hesitate to deliver any mode of presentation or conversation.

IELTS Preparation Classes:

Weve a Niagara of par-excellence interactive sessions that are teaming with virtual ambiance just to embolden the IELTS aspirants like never before. We prepare in all the 4 modules of IELTS test mentioned below...
General Training Module: For students seeking entry to a secondary school or to vocational training courses.
Academic Training Module: For students seeking entry to a university or institution of higher education offering degree and diploma course.
Test format:
Listening: 4 sections, around questions minutes + transfer time
Academic Reading: 3 sections, around questions minutes
General Reading: 3 sections, around questions minutes
Academic Writing: 2 tasks minutes
General Training Writing: 2 tasks minutes
Speaking: to minutes
Total test time: 2 hours minutes

HELLO also delivers lectures on soft-skills, life skills, personality development to various Government/ Semi-government establishments, Corporate Houses, NGOs and Institutions.

Course Name Duration Fee (Rs.)
Spoken English Four Months
Fluency Classes Two Months
Personality Development Two Months
IELTS Preparation Two Months
Painting Classes Per Month
Art and Craft Per Month
Creative Writing 3 Months
French/German/Spanish /Chinese Three Months

Our excellent trainers produce guaranteed results with the help of pragmatic activities, such as:

English Grammar Activities| English Vocabulary Exercises| Extempore | Interaction| Discussion|
Debate| Role Plays| Creative Games| Q & A Round| One-to-one| JAM Session | Marathon Round| Personality Development| Interview | Confidence building up sessions |Hesitation removing classes|

Address: HELLO Institute,

B-, Nehru Colony (above Khalsa Studio).
Contacts. , .
FB Page: Hello Institute

GD/DEBATE: Here at Hello, we dont let the pupils sit in any tedious-run-of-the-mill ambience. In fact, when it comes to group discussions, all we staunchly believe in creating more of a pragmatic environment for the students. Also, we furnish them with the latest piping hot issues that are taking the world by storm of late, so that the interactions could bear fruit and that aids
pupils to have a better inkling of the subtle rudiments that are enshrouded in it. Moreover, any ilk of discussion can only pack a punch if there is a decorous and active participation of the mentors itself. Most prominently, at the end, the pupils are given a legion of feedback so that everything would be worthwhile for them.

INTERVIW SKILLS: When it comes to confront the interviewer for the first time, we usually get tormented by hyperventilation and tribulations that grip our finesse. If we are not going to mull over it, so it could become a recipe for catastrophe and could sound the death knell of all our hopes. So here, we hedge the pupils against it so that they can surmount all those odds at that crucial juncture. We are sincerely dedicated to maintain a specific bastion of the academic standards thats exactly sets our asunder. We work out on the overall persona of a student and make them adept in it.

Communication Skills: When we embark the journey after our respective academic pursuits we confront the harsh reality of the truth, that there is still an acute dearth of something in us and thats the art to interact seamlessly. Communication is the sole prerequisite that we ought to possess if we indeed aspire to make a mark for ourselves in the society. Here at the institute, we leave no stone unturned to mould the students in such a manner that in due course they become quite dexterous.

Importance of English: As the entire cosmos has evolved so are the conventions of the society. Gone are those days when the sole prerequisite that you got is just to have a degree in some academic realm and you can just waltz in. Needless to say, now English has become the need of hour. Once you are eloquent, proficient, and have a gripping command over it, you can go places unabatedly. It doesnt make any odds what sort of laurels you have under your belt, you simply cant make the most of it without a profound insight into this language. So dont put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Everyone has got their own respective faade in the social milieu in this universe. Personality is deemed to be a mirror of an individuals traits. These days the clime of society has transformed drastically. If you speak English proficiently, you are bound to have a sumptuous stature in the social ambience. We do go the extra mile resolutely to mould the holistic spectrum of the individuality of the pupils by a potpourri of brainstorm sessions and with a cogent analytical feedback of their performance at the end of the day.

Beginners English: As the name infers itself, under this genre of the sessions we enroll those students who want to start from the scratch or are just familiar with the rudiments of the English language. In this batch we pull out all stops to make them conversant with the aspects of English language. We endeavor to espouse them to surmount their hesitation, so they can sail through and furnish them with every aid that is mandatory.

Intermediate English: This is the next rung of the ladder of English language in our institute. Before enrolling the pupils in this class, we put them through a test of general questions in order to evaluate their caliber vis--vis English language. Subsequently, through our acumen we put them in the batches respectively. Every spectrum of the English language whether it is vocabulary or grammar, we deal with everything. Eventually we render the students beaming with a poised seamless confidence.

Advanced English: This is the eventual step for an individual to embellish and ameliorate his clutches over the language in the ways like he has never wondered. Students with a striking command in English can go for these sessions. In this batch we employ a special focus just to point out the minor flaws. Students are fed with a passel of phrases and idioms along with a spate of feedback at last.

IELTS: These days there is a sort of rat race going on in the demesne of going abroad for academic pursuits. IELTS is considered as the yardstick that you need to possess if you want to realise your vision. We have a Niagara of par-excellence interactive sessions that are teaming with virtual ambience just to embolden the students like never before. We staunchly believe in maintaining the intellectual sinew for the pupils.

Introduction of HELLO: The inception of every institution is being done by an asunder ethos. Ours is to structure the holistic persona of a student come what may. We just dont want to teach English because that would be threadbare needless to say. Our perception is to employ such viable well discerned formulated techniques to the pupils so that they could blossom like a vivid flower, so they can aid our nation in making great strides across the globe in the turf of English language. We strive industriously working round the clock to garner that sole holy grail.

How to learn English? Being not an indigenous to the turf of English language we do consider it to be prodigiously a formidable force to reckon with. However, its just the other way round. All we need to apprehend is to apply a whole new ball game of exquisite techniques that could usher us on the path of proficiency. Everything comes with the pioneering initiative in a right direction. We ought to dig deep in the vast abyss of the rudiments of English language. Only after that we can grasp it thoroughly. English is considered to be inundated with a spate of labyrinths that often sends us in a tizzy eventually rendering us with a dwindling zeal and zest. If we indeed want to learn this language we have to be adequately conscientious on that front. Just dont dabble with it. Surf through the elegant books and follow every glimmer of advice of your tutor. Eventually, miracles come following you in every nook and cranny of this cosmos. They say Rome wasnt constructed in a day as it takes all sorts to make a world.
How to improve fluency? This is the latter part that follows and dictates your stature in the realm of English language. Once you have spent enough time in grasping the fundamentals of this language you are going to intensely hanker for the fluency part as your passion has kindled, so keeping that in mind we let the students go through different marathon sessions with active participation of the teachers. Gradually , students are able to attain that rhythm seamlessly on the fluency front.

How to eradicate hesitation? The first thing that trammels and roadblocks our path in the turf of English language during the inception of our odyssey is the hesitation. Being non-native speakers
We tend to get aghast and consternated by this nightmare. They say there is always a silver lining in every murky firmament, so likewise we ought to discern the power of positivity that dwells in us in order to slay this demon of hesitation.

How to boost confidence? The first thing that anguishes us is a massive dearth of confidence that turns out to be our biggest setback, whenever we strive to mark a mark for ourselves. Despite getting frustrated we should rather make an attempt to surmount this hurdle by believing in the power of positivity that dwells within us. They say we need to take a leap of faith first the trust part comes later. Considering this fact, we try our level best to embolden the pupils by a montage of activities like giving them a platform to come forward and confront the other students in the class so that they can demolish all their dreads, subsequently, rendering them teeming with a spark of confidence.

Tips to face interview: There are dime a dozen tips in the market these days when it comes to confront the interview. However, we have to be quite wary when it comes to employing them during that earnest moment. We cant just run-amok and believe that doing that is going to pay tremendous dividends. Keeping that notion in mind we go off on a different tangent altogether. We provide the aspirants with some elegant feedbacks simultaneously, clearing the dark clouds of dilemma from their minds for good. Subsequently, they end up living all the dreams in their respective domains.

English for professionals: The convention of society has transformed drastically whether its the field of a teacher or an employee of some MNC, so is the English language. There is a certain yardstick that all the professionals have to maintain rigorously in order to gain a stronghold in their respective realms. So, the professional language is an entirely different goal post that they ought to substantially consider before stepping in any firm. Mulling over that fact profoundly, we let the aspirants to have a better cognizance with the all the jargons and the rest of the esoteric stuff apropos of their interests. Eventually, rendering them adept and beaming with an unwavering confidence.

English for college students: There is a specific norm that distinguishes the language of professionals from that of the students. Students need not speak in such a solemn and recondite manner like that of working professionals. As a matter of fact, the terrain of English language for college student is a whole new ball game as its quite exhaustive. A student has to go through from a sort of roller-coaster ride, He needs to work out on his holistic individuality by apprehending the subtle nuances of English language in order to make his mark on the social front. We work round the clock with the students aiding them with a decorous interaction so that they wont feel alienated in the class ever. We pull out all the stops just to live up to that very ethos incessantly; we cover all the aspects of English language including grammar, vocabulary, idioms and phrases, etc. Moreover, we run a special session on every weekend in which students get to interact with miscellaneous batches for greater exposure.

Creative writing course: As a special feature we are also furnishing the aspiring writers to the best of our wisdom. Needless to say, its one of the most heinous aspects of our society that having dearth of various platforms the real potential and caliber remains unraveled. Making allowances for that truth, and keeping a vision to make any odds in the society, we are amenable to pull out all the stops on that front. It would be a clich to enunciate but every writer during the inception of his career gets inflicted rigorously with the nightmare of writers block. When we enroll aspirants in the turf of creative writing, we strive diligently to transform their holistic perception with a touch of chic and snappy feedbacks consistently. Eventually, paving the way for them with the tarmac of a seamless path of success.

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