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Contact - or or call for Android Training Course Gurgaon.I am a freelance Android developer and Corporate Trainer who gives practical hands on training on Android.

The curriculum is developed according to industry standards and requirements and this course will make you an expert by leveraging your existing Java skills

The training is conducted in a batch of people at my apartment.
One of the prerequisite for Android is that you need to have java background.
If you do not know java and want to learn Android, you can take the basic core java course from me.

Android COURSE FEES- .
If you are interested in learning development of apps for Honeycomb then the course fees is INR ,. (The Honeycomb course content is also attached with the phone apps development course content).

You can opt for either the weekend batch - Both Saturday and Sunday. Duration 5 weekends. ( classes) Timings . a.m.-6. p.m. Timings are flexible.
Or you can opt for weekdays classes. Duration days . Timings- 9.a.m. to . p.m. Timings are flexible.

Special Discounts for referrals
Interested candidates or mail at or leave a message at

Explanation with sample codes and small programs for each and every topic. At the end of the course you will be given a sample project which will help you in integrating all the concepts learnt by you. Course fees include the training material and all the software needed for Android app development. You will be trained with original Android Phones and Tablets to test your application.At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to build and publish your own real-time Android application

About the trainer:
I am a freelancer android developer and corporate trainer having 2 years of experience in android and 3.5 years of experience in Java. You can visit my technical blog

to know more about me.

My app published in the market are:

Future Teller Ram Prashnavalli:


Some other apps developed by me :

Android Course Content

Module 1
Getting started with android
Android Features
Android Architecture
Android Application fundamentals
Module 2
Creating an Activity
Declaring the activity in the manifest
Starting an Activity
Starting an activity for a result
Shutting Down an Activity
Managing th e Activity Lifecycle
Implementing the lifecycle callbacks
Saving activity state
Handling configuration changes
Module 3
UI design
Components and layouts- Frame Layout, Linear Layout, Relative Layout
Write the XML
Load the XML Resource
Attributes- ID, Layout Parameters,Position, Size, Padding and Margins
Module 4
Working with resources- String resource, Color resource, Array resource
Android layouts and views
Handling user interaction events
Grouping, accessing of resources
Localization of Resources
Handling runtime changes of resources
Designing your GUI
Module 5
Implicit Intent
Overview (Action, Data, category, etc)
How intent works
How intent filter works and writing our own intent filters
Module 6
Creating menus- Options Menu. Context Menu
Styles and themes
Creating dialogs- Alert Dialog, DatePicker Dialog, TimePicker Dialog, Progress Dialog
Module 7
Notifying the users- Toast Notifcation, Status Bar Notifcation
Debugging android applications
Broadcast Recievers
Module 8
Binding to Data with AdapterView
List View- Simple List, Cutom List
Sliding Drawer View, Rating Bar View, Toggle Button View
Module 9
Multimedia in android
Simple media playback from Local file system
Media playback from URL
Media Playback from raw folder
Play Video from local file system
Play video from URL
Data Storage
Using Shared Preferences
Using the Internal Storage
Using the External Storage
Using Databases
Sqlite open helper and creating a database
Opening and closing a database
Basic content providers
CRUD operation on Contacts Database
CRUD operations on IMAGE Database
Creating your own DB for your Application
Graphics and Animations
View Animation- Tween animation, Frame Animation
Drawable Animation- Nine-Patch File, State List, Transition Drawable
Mutithreading in Android
Asynch Task
Accessing android hardware
Using the camera
Using bluetooth
Using Wifi
Geocoding and Location Based Services
Finding Current Location
Using Geocoder to get the current address of the user
Plotting the current location on map
Telephony and SMS
Accelerometer Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Light Sensor
Web services
Parsing JSON data
Parsing XML data- Simple Api for XML Parser and DOM Parser
Creating a Started Service
Creating a Bound Service
Honeycomb Fragments
Dialog Fragment
Action Bar
Tabbed Navigation Action Bar Activity

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