How to learn Microsoft Dotnet Course?

If you have been using Windows for very long, you’ve perhaps heard of Microsoft’s dotnet. It is a platform used by developers for building their apps. You could build web apps and services for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker just to name a few.


With a career in Microsoft dotnet; you can work on numerous projects in diverse parts of the world. 

You will be capable to develop software for giant and small companies, or at least you will be able to set your own start-up. DotNet developers play a very important role in the general development of a website; these days hiring Dot Net developers for building custom web solutions is a fast growing field and very popular trend.

Microsoft dotnet ecosystem is very massive and has very intelligent and comprehensive tools. Also you will be able to gain new expertise and skills in web development, desktop development, mobile apps and games. Later on you can change to different technology fields if you deem it necessary. 

In terms of salary, it is good to go with as well; a salary for those in the Microsoft dotnet field is high enough to live devoid of worries if you know how to manage and spend your money wisely but the salary depends on your location and level of your experience.


A net career is for those who have product oriented minds; because it is a high-level framework with almost all you need to build any product. You can create whatever you want with the program; a web-site, a desktop app or a mobile app. 

There is no prerequisite to have skills in system programming or to know low-level PC’s architecture; in addition, you don’t need to know algorithms (awkwardly this is what most net programmers’ lack). The framework has almost all you need to solve any problem. So if you are product-oriented you will see a lot of opportunities. 

The career is only dedicated to technology lover; getting a job anywhere is not the only thing you need in the world; you have to be skilful and passionate enough to impress others to get a job.

People who love to solve new problems and love to get respected for their problem solving skill will absolutely love to be in an IT job. It is a good field to work without feeling bored, because every day you have to find a solution for a problem


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